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    Trellis Chart Y-Axis scaling

    Amir Vastani

      Does anyone know if it is possible to have dynamic Y-axis in Trellis charts?

      I have a 2-dimension Trellis where one dimension is the KPI, the second is Region and the third is Months.

      The expression is based on the Metric in the dimension and changes accordingly.

      The trellis works out fine in displaying the charts with the right values but the scaling it fixed to the min and max of the different permutations of the trellis. I would like it to use the percent scaling for percent KPI's and numeric when amount and integers for units.

      If not, QT should definitely consider that as an enhancement else Trellis is not that scalable.

        • Trellis Chart Y-Axis scaling
          Fernando Toledo

          I think it´s not possible.

          But if you could you would be forcing the user to make a visual comparison that doesn´t make sense since the scale would be different from one chart to another. That could lead to a misinterpretation of the data.

          If the indicators scales are different, you should use another kind of chart. Or translate them into the same scale, like '%';

          Good luck


            • Trellis Chart Y-Axis scaling
              Amir Vastani

              I guess it is a limitation of Trellis' then because ideally many business of Executive Levels would like to see a scorecard of Metrics over time. I understand and appreciate the relativity offered in comparisons but I think it should based on the First Dimension's expression permutation. They can be static over the second dimension but the first being flexible would definitely position Trellis in a win-win situation and provide more uses than just one metric per trellis.