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    Problem with a diagram to display different data

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have the following scenario:

      - The set of data I've downloaded encompasses data for employees in all areas of the company.

      - I want the diagram to display the data for different areas, depending on a variable (that should be possible using a set_expression)

      - To enable the user to select an area and change the variable accordingly, I have made in the script two inline tables:

           - "Plant" with the (numeric) values 56, 64 and 74

           - "Area" with some (text) values


      The formula I have for my variable is currently like this:


      IF(((GetCurrentSelections(Werk) = 64) AND (TRIM(GetCurrentSelections(Bereich)) = 'Staplerstrg')), 'SS_64', 'ges')


      => When the user has made these two selections (the plant is a numeric value, I can see it in a multi_selection_box (the value is on the right)), I want the variable to hold the text 'SS_64'; Depending on that, I would then enter some more formulas in the diagram with a specific set_expression to filter my data.


      Can anybody help me with that?

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,