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    how to make "alternate state" work

      Hey guys, I got this idea that I liked alot in another post:


      Re: Adding layout selection rule "OR"


      If you're using QV11 you could consider creating two alternate states, one for each map, and then assign one state to the COMPANY_NAME listbox and the corresponding map and assign the other alternate state to the Name listbox and its corresponding map. Selections in an alternate state will only affect objects in the same alternate state. You can add alternate states on the General tab of the document properties and assing an alternate state to an object on the General tab of that objects properties window.



      Adding layout selection rule "OR"


      So, how do I do that exactly? I created an alternate state called "2013 state", then I want to make like this, "every time Year = 2013, change to alternate state". I can be the whole document (if It is possible to be only specific objects, I would like to know how too.)...


      Thank you.