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    QVS reload parallel  process

    Kevin Wen

      HI ALL,

           I want know about the QVS if can start reload several QVW file at the one time? And what is the run process, one reload complete and start next , or  At the same time run?   if  any affect when i run the QVW reload by QVS at the same time?  if  have the parallel limit and How to  look the setting in QVS?


      Thanks very much!


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          Hi Kevin,


          1. The QVS does not deal with reload of task. The service responsible for reload/distribution of task is QDS .

          2. It's depend on your QMC settings and the server capacity that how many task you can run parallely(max  I think is 20 and in normal case it will 9).

          3. If the number of task is more then the expected By QMC (according to settings) then the extra task will be in waiting and if some task complete then the task which is present in pipeline will execute .

          4. The waiting time is 45 minitue , if the QV engine is not allocated within 45 min then the task will fail automatically.



          D J

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            Vivek Niti


            If you dont have publisher then you can schedule the task in server itself.

            There are multiple ways in which the reloads can be setup.

            1. starting the reloads based on a specific time.

            2. starting the reloads if the previous reload has been completed.

            3. creating multiple dependency for the reloads.


            There is usually a limit to the number of parallel reloads which is 9. if you want more parallel reloads then you have to increase the HEAP memory. (But the maximum you can go to is the no. of cores the server has)