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    What you think which license I can use?...

      What you think which license I can use?

      Users are just seeing the reports on the website.

      So will it better to ask for Session CAL?


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      Sneha Topre

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          Stefan Wühl

          That's not easy to answer. It depends on the frequency a user needs to work with QV.

          A session CAL is quite expensive and only pays off, if the license is released by the users quite frequently (i.e. if the license it's locked by e.g. same 4 users all day, it's probably cheaper to buy named user CALs or even document CALs, if the user only requires to see 1 document).


          I suggest that collect some statistics / assumptions on the document usage across your users, then meet with your QV sales rep or QV partner to discuss possible license scenarios.