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    Acces Point question

      Hi guys,

      I'm in trouble with my Server Qlik.

      We have an access point and obviously it's possible to see all qlik doc we have on it (login and password are needed).

      I'd like to do this.

      I'd like to create a new folder (apart the root folder) where put some "special" qlik doc.

      Then, Id like to reach these files with my browser but without inserting a login and password.

      In poor words, Id like to do something like QLIK site do when you want to see the demos.

      If I want to see a demo there, I choose the demo and then check view demo.

      The url I see on my browser is:




      host=Demo11&anonymous=true are the problem for me.


      How can I do this?


      I want to have some qlikview document reachable putting login and password, and other docs free (but only these special docs)


      Is it possible to do that ?

      Hope I was clear.

      Best regards


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          Peter Cammaert

          That's not really possible with a standard QVS version, because: each visitor needs a license (a CAL), meaning each visitor must be identified, meaning a visitor can not be anonymous.


          There is however an Internet-version of the QlikView server that allows you to publish a limited set of documents to anonymous visitors.


          Of course QlikTech can build a specific version for the demoes site that isn't available to customers/partners.


          Hope this helps,



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              First of all thank you Peter.

              I see what you're telling me.

              If I create a CAL "anonymous" and this is used by anyone, is this possible?

              Can I give them the opportunity to see only certain docs in this way?

              Thank you in advance



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                  Peter Cammaert

                  No that's not possible either, although a couple of years ago it would have worked just fine. Then, around QV10, QlikTech decided against general purpose CAL-assignments  and started limiting each CAL to be used from no more than 2 MAC-addresses or machine IDs. So your solution would stop working after two "anonymous" visitors. However, the MAC-address registrations disappear after 24 hours.


                  Your second question is possible with or without CAL manipulation. There are two ways:

                  • Using Licenses: Assign a Document CAL to a document-user combination. This user will not be able to see or open any other document to which no Doc CAL has been assigned.
                  • Using QlikView security: implement Section Access in a particular document and explicitly grant access to this document to specific users. Now even users with a Named CAL (those can open anything if allowed) can be blocked from entering a document.