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    Use variable (which includes a calculation) in set Analysis

    Jeroen Jordaan

      Hello everyone,


      I'm trying to create a calculations with Set Analyis but I can not make it work.


      I need to identify which items has stock in the past 5 weeks but does not  have any sales.


      To calculate the Stock I need to summerize all the stock changes.

      So purchases 10, Sold 5, Purchases 2 is a stock of 7

      I have created a variable called vSellableInventory


      Sum({<HFBNo= {$(vSalesHFB)}, CatalogYear=, CatalogYearTertial=, CatalogYearMonth=, CatalogYearWeek=, CatalogWeek=, Tertial=, YearQuarter=, WeeksAgoIndicator= , DateNo= {'<=$(=Max(DateNo))'}>} SellableQty)


      No i created a Set Analysis like

      =sum({1<CompanyStoreName = P(CompanyStoreName), ItemNo = {"=$(vSellableInventory) > 0"}, ItemNo = {"=$(vQtySales) = 0"},

      WeeksAgo = {"<= 5"}>} ItemCounter)


      This should give me all the items thats has stock but nu sales in the past 5 weeks, but unfortunatily it does not work.


      I hope someone can help me.


      Thanks in advance