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    Direct Discovery : Can't see data

    christian juillard

      Hi everybody,


      I'm trying to evaluate BigData connection.

      I'm using  QV 11.20.12018.0 SR3 (64bits)


      So my script is very simple.  (Note Data are qualified except %E)



      ODBC CONNECT32 TO phpmyadmin;



      LOAD      nom,    matricule      as %E,     matricule,    `date_in`,    `date_out`;

      DIRECT SELECT * FROM test.employes;



      LOAD      EmpID            as %E,      EmpID,      Prénom,      Nom,      Fonction

      FROM [$(Chemin)\$(FichEmp)]  (biff, embedded labels, table is [Sheet1$]);



      According to exemples and video it was so simple as that.

      But after loading I can't see  data coming from table BigData.


      Best regards


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          Joe Longoria

          A few things from what I've read and know.


          1. I would recommend using the SR5 beta version of QlikView as I understand it has many changes/improvements. You will have to explicitly define fields as either DIMENSION, MEASURE, or DETAIL. You can find info on how to get the beta software and docuemntation here:



          2. Based on the SR5 docuemtnation, you should not name the direct discovery data sets/statement (remove "BigData:" from your load script).


          3. Don't use Select * in the Direct Discover statment...reading the SR5 documentation, it doesn't appear select * is supported.


          4. Make sure the values in the data in the fields which you are using to associate your direct discovery data with your in-memory data actually match (i.e. case matches, etc)


          Hope this helps.

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              christian juillard

              Hi Joe,


              Thank you for your answer.

              Unfortunately I can't access documents based on this link. Would you mind to join it please?


              I changed my script along your recommandations and

              DIRECT SELECT field1, field2.... (NOT) works.


              It works because the script can run without error and i can see lines are fetched

              BUT actually there are NO lines fetched. Table is empty

              From LogFile : 5 champs trouvés: nom, prénom, matricule, date_in, date_out, 0 lignes récupérées


              Note it works the same with or without label table name.


              best regards