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    Script mapping load uses variable for subfield.

    andries Bos

      I have a 'normal loading procedure and a mapping load. I would like to pass a variable to pass to this mapping load to be used within a subfield.


      Within this example : the outcome of ApplyMap('Contact', Rel_Source_ID, '') is stored to the variable $Variable. This value $Variable should be used to read the nth field of the field Itemlijst where the Source_ID is the 'search string' for this mapping.



      //Search nth items from list


      MAPPING LOAD  Source_ID,   // bedr  + rel code + middel

                   SubField([Itemlijst],';',$Variable)                // rubriek waarde

      from xxxx;


      Load *,

           applymap ('ContactListText', Rel_Source_ID, 'blanc') as RelText

      load *,

      ApplyMap('Contact', Rel_Source_ID, '')      AS $Variable,

      resident Sourcetable.


      How many items the itemlist contains, could vary