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    Task Dependancy

    renjith pl

      Hi All,


      Can QMC triggers a task based on the availability of a folder or a .mdb file.?


      How can i achieve this ?




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          Dicky Mohanty

          Dependencies can be created in QMC using triggers..no doubt. You can have multiple files dependent on each other for reload.

          You have to select "On event from another task" for the subsequent files. For the first file, you have to select "on a schedule"

          Screenshot below:



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            Kabilan Kumarasamy

            I thing we cant do this.


            we can do this in script with If statement.




            end if



            Kabilan K.

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              Peter Cammaert

              The best way to do this, I guess, is to monitor files and folders outside of QlikView.


              A small program or batch (CMD) file checks the availability of this file or folder. Upon detecting the right stuff, it sends an EDX request (there is a command line tool for that, see QMSEDX_commandline in doc http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-2650) to your reload task. Configure your reload task to also trigger on receiving an EDX request.


              Now schedule your monitoring tool using Windows Task Scheduler to go and check with the preferred frequency and you're on your way.





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                you can do but with the help of external task.

                1. Use the EDX task trigger for the same and write script accordingly. else you can follow the below steps(both) for your requirement but it not exactly what you want.


                2. Create a batch file which execute the reload when the required file exist :- Algoritham


                if file exist

                     reload qvw


                print Not present

                3. Create a external task using above file and sechedule it every 5 min.



                D J