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    QlikView Architecture

    Dicky Mohanty

      Hi All,


      I have a requirement like this below. Looking into this, could any one suggest in brief, what would be configuration details, like No. of servers, no. of Access Points, No. of Publishers, Clustering and rest vital things etc etc.




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          sunil jain

          its very tough to estimate configuration based on architecture . configuration have dependencies on business requirement .

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            Advait Thakur

            Hello DMohanty,

            I will recommend you the Cluster environment for which you need cluster licensing to allow multiple qlikview servers.

            Obviously you will be needing Qlikview Enterprise Edition (QEMC).

            I will also suggest Load Sharing and Information Access Server (IAS) may be it might help you if you have limited application/dashboard and large number of users. (Recommending you because I have seen SalesForce in Diagram)


            I might tell you the exact number of servers if you clear me about few things..

            A- Number of Users

            B- Approx size of Database

            C- More clarification on Sales Force


            I have also attached one document for your reference. In fact a person can only shed some light in this area if the Business Requirement is more clear.

            I hope the above details will be helpful to you.




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                Kjeld van Druten

                Based on the diagram you need 2 Publisher licenses and 3 Enterprise servers in a cluster (saves you user CALs because they can be shared over the nodes).


                I disagree with the IAS as suggested by Advait. The AIS is intended for displaying public data. When you read through the license agreements of the IAS you will see that anonymous authentication on the server is required and that the URL needs to be publicly available.

                The way I see the diagram you want the Salesforce authentication to be used for authentication in QV. An IAS has no role in this.


                Based on you diagram it is really impossible to say if it will be sufficient as there is no information about the amount of users, documents, size of data and design of the application. These are key dimensions for performance.




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                    Dicky Mohanty

                    Thanks for all your information and help.


                    I am getting in touch with my requirementts to get more input on this as you have requested for. Once I receive all the vital info, I would be posting very soon.


                    Stay tuned!!!

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                        Ricardo gerhard

                        I recommend that you make a consulting services to estimate the apropriate scenario and configurations necessary.

                        I´m working with these area and a week consulting services solve your doubt.

                        Take a look with your Qlikview Partner to understande everything.

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                          Dicky Mohanty

                          Hi All,


                          As promised, I am getting back to you guys with the inputs I have collected.

                          For the above attached diagram (in the original post at top), I have:

                          • Approx 400 users
                          • 23 Dashboards (to be refreshed daily, weekly, monthly) - Around 3 GB in sizes (total)
                          • Databases: Oracle - ODSUP1  & REP, Teradata, EDW, ODS
                          • VMWare setup with 3 clustered servers, with 2 Access Points and 2 Publishers.
                          • Don't have much info on SalesForce.


                          Please help me in estimating the set up and the mandatory points to be noted!!!

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                      Clever Anjos

                      I would contact QlikTech Technical Staff, they´ll help you to plan this