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    Qlikview on cloud

      Hi All,


      Please share your experience on "QlikView on Cloud" if you deployed it.  In term of perforamnce , security. ...

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          Advait Thakur

          Hi Sunil,

          Great to add such post on community. I will share my experience soon. As of now I am observing few things.



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            Pablo Diaz Sanfeliu

            Hi all,


            What do you mean by "QlikView on Cloud"?

            Do you mean using QlikView on clouds such as AWS?

            Do you mean an specific predefined cloud service "powered by QlikView"?

            Do you mean how to configure QlikView in a hosted Cloud?





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              Pablo Diaz Sanfeliu



              As I suggested with my multiple questions, this is a very broad topic. Let me give you some tips, that for sure won't answer everything.


              If we consider AWS, there are white papers and documents that you may reffer to on how we can work with Amazon's cloud. Anyway they are improving their offering every day, so I suggest contacting them. Please remember that they are tecnology partners.

              I know that they can offer from a pure hosting to a virtual server inside your LAN.


              We have multiple OEM partners with a SaaS solution with multitenancy. I may reffer to our website and QlikMarket.


              Regarding the "Private Cloud", there is a partner offering a managed service to install QV in a hosting/housing mode. www.biycloud.com As they are smaller than AWS I guess that they may offer you a more ad hoc solution. They work mainly with QlikView so they can give you advise on how you have to configure the service.


              Sorry for the broad answer, but it was a broad question.