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    Only importing records where reords exists in one column

    Fredrik Wikberg



      I want to join notes into a contact table using the left join function. I have e-mailaddress as the key and I am adding notes about the contact into an existing table. The problem is that in the outlook extract sometimes there are notes about a person but the e-mail address is missing. What happens then is the that note is being added onto all contacts in the data model.


      Jon DoeJon@Hotmail.comCall on Monday
      Susan SurrandonSusan@Gmail.comWant to invest large in BI sollutions
      Sly StaloneCall on Tuesday
      Mr WanndameWanndame@hotmail.comIs getting old

      I have added the table as an example. What will happen is that Call on Tuesday will be added onto all contacts in the contact list. I have tried to use the where exists function but it does not make a difference in the import.

      "(txt, codepage is 1252, embedded labels, delimiter is ',', msq)

      where Exists([E-postadress]);"


      Happy for any help.