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    Conditional Show Columns with Multiple Selections

    phillip colbert



      i have a straight table with too many columns! so, I've decided to implement conditions on each column (which are expressions) which will determine whether each column is displayed or not.


      to do this i have created an inline load such as:



      Add Load * Inline









      these values then sit as a selection on the dashboard - and when the user selects a value which meets the selection the column displays in the table - easy.




      =if (ColumnName = 'Age',1,0)


      now the tricky part. the user can select more than one value from the selection box - so i need to test a string of values which could > 1


      so how do a test for any given value in the selections? ie GetFieldSelections(ColumnSwitch.ColumnName) if there's only one value then its fine - but if there's more than one using a simple ColumnName = 'Age' doesn't work.


      thanks in advanced