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    Product Mix Example

    Scott Wisker

      I’m really struggling with a new project (I’m new to QV and
      set analysis) so I created a dumbed down example of what I am trying to
      accomplish. Someone want to give it a shot?

      I want to display three categories on the bar chart:


      1. The product mix of the selected customer for the
        current year
      2. “The industry standard”  = The average product mix of the Customer
        Type that the selected customer belongs to last year.
      3. “The Corporate Standard” = The average product
        mix sold to all customers last year


      So if AcmeSports is selected I should see the year to date
      product mix for AcmeSports, The average product mix of AcmeSports and
      BobsSports (because they are both Customer Type A) from Last Year, and the
      Average product mix sold to all customers from Last Year.



      Bonus points if you can indicate which customers are not
      performing to within 2% of the Corporate Standard in any category.