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    QlikView_icon for IE_shortcut?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I am responsible for a company-wide QlikView Rollout.

      All the operative PCs where QlikView is to run have Win_XP installed and IE_8 (was 7, we are in the process of updating them all).

      Now I want to create an IE_shortcut on the desktop, with the relevant app set as start_page


      set the QlikView_logo as icon for this shortcut.


      The first half of this I have done already and in principle I know how to change the icon of a shortcut, too. The problem is that, although I have downloaded a QlikView_logo in jpg format and saved it - when I browse to this file in the icon_change_dialog,

      I get a message "The file ... does not contain an icon".

      Can anyone tell me what I have to do differently to make this work?

      It would be quite nice if everyone could see at a glance where to click to open the QlikView app.


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,



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          Friedrich Hofmann




          it seems like nobody has faced this "problem" before.

          Most of the icons you can find online for QlikView have a white background which is quite annoying when you want to use it as a shortcut_icon...

          A colleague made one for me. I'm searching for a slightly bigger one, but at least this one does not have a background.

          I will attach the .ico file to this post. Feel free to use it for your own purposes!


          Best regards,