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    Server Resizing

    m m

      We have Dedicated Qlikview Server 2008 with publisher.


      we are building new server. I want to estimate best possible hardware configuration. Below is my calculation. Please indicate if it is correct and what i should use.





      1gb      OS RAM usage

      60gb     QVW (6gb X 10 time in RAM)

      6gb     30 users (20 concurrent users) 10 % rule


      67gb      Total  RAM required.



      1. Is the above correct?
      2. how much more should I estimate for each QV Servoce for version 11.2
      3. Do RAM usage differ when using ducument license vs named?





           20 simultaneous

      X    2       (2 query per minute)

      X  120    Double the QVW in RAM


      4800 Total CPU Seconds



      how do you choose what kind of CPU will be required.




      Anything else that should be considered?

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          Josh Good

          Your estimate the of the QVW size in RAM seems very high to me.  The best method is to actually open the QVW and see how much the RAM jumps up and use that number.  Your per concurrent users number is conservative.  Typically a range of 8-10% is used.


          As to the the OS and the QV Server this will be so much smaller than the RAM used the by QVWs that I wouldn't worry about it.  Just round up from what you estimate by the QVWs.


          The type of license will make not impact on the resource requirements.


          Finally you can get a much more accurate understanding of the resources requirements by looking at your current environment.  I would recommend download the Ops Monitor or Governance Dashboard.  They will pull all your log files together and show you your real world usage vs uses these estimates.

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            Jared Papador

            Qliktech has produced this Server Load Simulator to estimate server sizes.  It allows you to play with the variables and see estimates.

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                m m

                Thanks for all the answers.


                1. If i am at customers production server, I cannot start and app and estimate how much memory jumps by. can i bring the app into my environment and some how estimate.
                2. How do you figure out CPU estimate.
                  1. 1 CPU quad core has 4 cores.
                  2. how do you measure what kind of qlikview load it can carry.
                  3. Please explain CPU estimate in detail if you can please.
                3. QlikView server load simulator. Only allows you to input 3 apps, what if customer has 15 apps how do estimate.
                4. Governance dashboard what should I look at. is it ok to install it on customer site.
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                m m

                Hi Guys


                Any update on my query. My main question is how do you  determine  CPU requirements and how many CPU's and core you will need.



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                    Josh Good

                    I would recommend using the Ops Monitor or the Governance Dashboard.  If you do not have usage information available then I would recommend you engage a QlikView consultant or your QlikView Sales team.

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                    m m

                    Hi Josh


                    This is for new server.


                    If we have 40 concurrent users. How much CPU power would you recommend. I understand that it all depends on usage and what QVW those users are accessing. However lets assume we have 6gb worth of QVW and all of them are being access by 40 concurrent users. I am able to determine RAM size however not sure how to go about determining # of CPU & Cores required. What are basic formula.

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                      Josh Good

                      I would recommend you engage a QlikView consultant or get in touch with your sales team who will be able to assist.