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    Can not clear CALs on some deleted documents

    Wade Stiell


      I have just finished freeing the assigned CALs from several dozen deleted QV documents using the CalData.pgo.xml file as a reference for the original file locations.  However, there is one such file that I am unable to recreate as the DocumentName tag in the CalData XML file contains the absolute path of the file i.e. "<DocumentName>C:\QLIKVIEW ACCESSPOINT\FINANCIAL ANALYTICS\...".  All of the other tags contain the name of the mounted folder that the file was in.  Under what circumstances would the DocumentName tag have the absolute path?  I would like to re-create this condition in order to see the orphaned CALs in the management console.




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          Ricardo gerhard

          You want to create the original file to remove license.

          Look this sample:



          Cliente.QVW is the file. Recreate the full path like described in your DocumentName

          I believent that your monted folder was removed

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              Wade Stiell

              Thanks Ricardo.  I have been able to recreate the original files and remove the licenses from all documents except for the one listed in my post.  The problem is that the document is not listed with the mounted folder as shown in your example.  It has a full drive path starting with the drive (c:\...) within the DocumentName tag.  If I recreate the file in that path, it will show up in user documents on the console but without the assigned licences, due to the absolute path in the PGO file being treated as a different document.  I am unable to determine what caused this specific document to be listed this way in the PGO file.  The DocumentName tag is below:




              Is it possible to somehow create a mounted folder on an absolute path?