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    Animated dimension & set analysis



      I have a problem with animated dimension and set analysis.

      The chart that you see in the document has 'Anno' (year) as animated dimension.

      In the same chart, ther are 3 expression:

      1. 'Femmine' (woman) = sum({$<Sesso={F}>} Data).

      2. 'Maschi' (man) = sum({$<Sesso={M}>} Data).

      3. 'Femmine al 2013' (woman in year 2013) =sum({$<Sesso={F},Anno={'2013'}>} Data).


      The data structure is:

      ScreenHunter_01 Sep. 20 17.55.jpg
      I expect that the expression 'Femmine al 2013' is always visible,  but I see the values on the graph only when 'year' = 2013.

      Can someone help me please?


      Ciao. Michele.