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      can any one explain me with some example about DIRECTORY SERVICES ?



          I am authenticating using NTFS mode then what is the purpose of this (Directory services)?

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              pleas help me

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                  Rajesh Vaswani

                  The QVS can use the Windows file system’s own NTFS privileges to store authorization

                  information. When in NTFS authorization mode, the QVS controls access to a given QlikView

                  document by determining if the authenticated user has NTFS privileges to the underlying

                  QlikView Document file (.QVW file). This is based on the operating system privileges and

                  Windows NTFS is used for the ACL. The privileges of the authenticated user are configured

                  by a server admin using standard Windows Explorer functionality via directory properties

                  options. QlikView Security

                  As an alternative to Windows NTFS, QlikView can use its own ACL called the Document

                  Metadata Service (DMS). Unlike NTFS, this allows non-windows users and groups to be

                  authorized to access applications and data. DMS integrates fully with the existing Directory

                  Service Provider (e.g. Active Directory, other LDAP) where Group Membership has been

                  recorded, this is a mechanism by which the QVS can re-use existing enterprise account and

                  group structures. The permitted Users or Groups are recorded in a meta file that resides

                  beside the QlikView Document, and is managed using the QlikView Enterprise Management


                  NTFS is the default document authorisation model, and suitable when all users and groups

                  are identified in Active Directory or locally on the QVS host. The NTFS permissions may be

                  inherited from the directory that the QlikView documents are in, or may be assigned using

                  QlikView Publisher distribution tasks.

                  DMS is required if the authenticated user identity is not a Windows User Account. The DMS

                  permissions are explicitly assigned using the QlikView Enterprise Management Console, or

                  may be assigned using QlikView Publisher distribution tasks.



                  Rajesh Vaswani