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    How to divide expression with dimension (month)

      I have a Straight Table chart with three kinds of information: product group (10 categories), gross margin (an expression), and month. I want each product group to be a row, each month to be a column, and then the gross margin for that particular group and month in the cells.


      How can I do this? From what I can tell, I can only use product group in the dimensions tab, since putting month in the dimensions tab as well ends up creating a row for each possible product group/month combination. It seems I'll need to involve month in the gross margin expression. Do I need a gross margin expression for each month? Is there a way I can use a variable or function to automatically generate the expression for each month?


      Thanks for the help

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          Rohit Koul

          Instead of Straight Table use Pivot Table Dimension as Product Group and Month ... then click and Select Month dimension you will see a Vertical Blue Arrow Highlighted then drag it to right top you will find a arrow changed to horizontal and leave it.


          may be this help you

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            Ariel Klien


            You can do a pivot table (in the create chart) and put the month in columns.


            Please see the attachment.


            i hope this will help you.





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                I need to create one straight table or pivot table. I need to get Sum(Amount) where ActualID=AccountID. for each individual employee. The dimension is EmployeeID. But this EmployeeID and Amount are from one table, whereas ActualID is from another table.


                Could you help me how to write the expression please as it is urgent for me please




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                Hey Mate,


                Change chart object to Pivot and add month as dimension. Drag month dimension to top right corner of where the month dimension is currently. You will see just before you drop the dimension that there is an arrow indicating where the dimension will be populated. If the arrow is pointing to to the right, you good to go


                There are a few differences between straight and pivot tables (i.e subtotals / show partial sums) and it really depends on the design approach and how creative you want to be visually (i.e. show Design Grid > {enables - format cells}). Pivot is quicker to create, but creating an expression for each month is not that time consuming


                Let me know if you come right