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    Appending an Export macro call to QVD



      I have been trying to export the contents of a straight table into a QVD file using a macro.  While that works fine, I cannot get the append option to work in the ExportEx function.  Has anyone found a way to get this to work as advertised?


      I can add a date-stamp to the file instead to make the file unique, but then I am stuck with a long list of files which are not necessary.  Code being used currently is:


      Sub ExportDaysCover(vUnit, vExportObject)



        vQVWFile = "D:\Qlikview Dashboards\Regional\Inventory\" & vUnit & "\" & vUnit & " Inventory.qvw"

        vExportFile = "D:\Qlikview_QVD\QVExport\Regional\Inventory\" & vUnit & "\" & vUnit & "_Days_Cover.qvd"


        Set QV = ActiveDocument.GetApplication 

        Set QVDoc = QV.OpenDoc(vQVWFile)


        QVDoc.GetSheetObject(vExportObject).ExportEx vExportFile, 4, true




      End Sub


      I have been searching for how to get around this for a while.  Tried the AppendExport function too, but didnt get the desired result.  Also tried including all optional parameters to the ExportEx function just in case.


      Hopefully I am just missing something obvious!