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    Problem - data not displayed

    Friedrich Hofmann



      why this is happening is quite clear to me: It is a "luxury problem" - still it is a problem because it just doesn't look right, even if it is:

      - In this diagram I'm displaying lorry waiting_times in a new plant

      => Those are currently 0, which is actually very good

      <=> My axis currently starts at 0, so that is hardly or not visible

      <=> The target_value is 60 which  of course is out of range because, for what reason I don't know, the axis
             is in steps of 0.1, so the max_value in the diagram is currently 1.2

      =>=> The diagram appears completely empty and devoid of data, even though the data is all there (as I can check
             using listboxes)


      I have now manipulated both the min_value and the max_value of the axis so that the axis is from -1 to 70 - that way, the target_value (a fixed line) is still in scope.

      <=> Still, even if I edit the background_colour, the as-is data isn't visible - I can make a listbox with that field, so it exists and it is connected with my calendar, but it contains only the value 0 - it effectively was 0 every day until now, so that's fine - but I'd still like to see it.


      Can anybody help me here? I know QlikView is stubborn with values that don't exist - but this one seems to exist all right. Still, I'll experiment with just putting a 1 for a few days in the original list and seeing what that will do.


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,




      P.S.: Well, just as I thought - with a 1, I do see columns for every day - but, interestingly, those begin at the value 0 - since I have set the minimum_value to -1, that is a bit above the x-axis - so QlikView doesn't seem to work with that minimum_value below 0 at all?!