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    Recalculate field in script

      At the end of my script I want to recalculate the [Exp hrs].


      In one LOAD-statement I'm adding the fields [%Date], [Actual Hours], [Exp hrs] and [Calculation Method] to [MyTable]

      I'm using a JOIN to add the field [Target Prod]


      Now depending on the Calculation Method the Expected hours need to be recalculated.

      My join doesn't recalculate all the records in [MyTable]


      // use calculation method to recalculate [Exp hrs]

      LEFT JOIN ([MyTable])

      LOAD If ([Calculation Method]=2,

            IF ([Actual Hours]>0, [Target Prod],


            [Exp hrs])

            as [Exp Hours]

      RESIDENT MyTable;


      Drop Fields [Exp hrs];


      Can anyone tell me how I'm supposed to recalculate all records?