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    Pivot table with complex aggregation

      Hi everyone.

      I need to make some defined view using (I think) Pivot table. Probably it should be done with aggr and rangesum functions but I can not figure out how to do it. Can anyone help?

      So the initial conditions are: two dimensions and one measure.Dimensions are data-driven so there will be more than 4 columns/rows.

      You can start from the table below:


      Dimensions names: Q, F. Measure is number of customers with defined number transactions in each quarter =count(L)

      What I need now - is to make kind of aggregated count for each row:


      If you look at the first row:

      first column we should see sum for all columns in a first row=1+0+3+0=4

      second column=4 minus all previous columns values (1)=3

      third column=4 minus all previous column values (1+0)=3

      forth column=4 minus all previous column values (1+0+3)=0

      So first row is 4-3-3-0.

      Any ideas? Previously thank yoou for your help.