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    Replace dimention labels by images

    Damyana Damyanova

      Hi can anyone tells me if it is possible to make by script or other that thing:





      I want in every chart put some images for each media instead of text

      I want to make the same thing with the brands names - associate every brand to his logo and display that logo instead of the brand


      thank u for your help

        • Re: Replace dimention labels by images
          Manas BN

          I think you can create a table with buffer info load and use the images in the front end. But this is possible only in listboxes, text boxes and tables (pivot/straight). You can't do this with a bar chart AFAIK.



          LOAD * INLINE [

          Customer,  Exclusive, Bid

          A, 1, 40

          B, 0, 1

          C, 0, 2

          D, 0, 4

          E, 0, 7

          F, 0, 10




          buffer info LOAD * Inline [

          Customer, ImagesPath

          A, C:\Qlik\Jellyfish.jpg

          B, C:\Qlik\Chrysanthemum.jpg

          C, C:\Qlik\Desert.png

          D, C:\Qlik\Koala.jpg

          E, C:\Qlik\Tulips.jpg

          F, C:\Qlik\Penguins.jpg



          After this, go to Dimension tab and click on Advanced. Put representation as Info as Image and you should be good.Capture.PNG.png