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    Help with "On PostReload" document trigger

    Sadha Chilukoori



      I'm trying to run a macro, which exports a chart object into the csv format, to be deployed on a QV server 10 SR4. Since the "On PostReload" trigger is not executed when a document is reloaded through publisher, I created a batch file which is executed using the EXECUTE command of QlikView.


      I'm using the "/l" to reload the document with GUI, so that the on Post reload works. The reload is successful, but the macro is not triggered after the Reload as intended. I tested the macro with a button and the file is generated as expected, followed by saving the document & quitting the application.


      my macro:


          Sub ExportToFile

             set sObject = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH149")

             sObject.Export "<Docpath>\<DocName>.csv", ","




          End Sub