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    Setting users from remote desktops up on Qlikview Server

      I bought a windows 2008 r2 server for the purpose of installing QVS and enabling other people at our office to remote into the server to access files on Qlikview simultaneously. I have tried for many hours, including phone conversations with Qliktech, but I have been going in circles. First, I installed an active directory and made the server a domain controller, but learned that QVS won't work on the domain controller. Then after going back and forth with Qliktech, I removed domain controller status and got the server up and running (I think) including applying license successfully, but nobody could access it via their desktop Qlikview applications.


      How do I configure QVS on the server and how do I then assign users so that we can each access QVS remotely from our desktops? Advice would be greatly appreciated.