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    Skip a script tab

      Hi guys,


      I'm currently working on a project and I need, through a condition, to skip a tab (or not). It should look like that :


      IF(Day(Today() = 20, do some actions, skip to the second next tab);


      Any idea guys?


      Thanks in advance.

        • Re: Skip a script tab
          Yavor Atanasov


          if..then..else end if would do the trick for you I believe. Check the help for the syntax:



          if a=1 then

          load * from abc.csv;

          sql select e, f, g from tab1;

          end if


          if a=1 then; drop table xyz; end if;


          if x>0 then

          load * from pos.csv;

          elseif x<0 then

          load * from neg.csv;


          load * from zero.txt;

          end if