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    Governance Dashboard - History being kept?

    Denis Woods

      Hi, I'm not sure how this Governance Dashboard actually works, I have changed the configuration paths looking at two different server locations and then pressed Scan looked at the results and then closed the document down without saving. The next day I configured the document using one of the server paths after clicking on the scan button the result sets was showing qvw Documents from the other server path as well as the current server path? I'm not sure how this is possible, does the Governance Dashboard keep some kind of history? And if so how do I start off from fresh? Thanks

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          Each time you reload,  the data will be updated. Just like all other QlikView applications.

          Normally once you configure the Governance Dashboard, you'll need to schedule a reload of the application to your desired period. If you are using Publisher, you'll need to add the governance dashboard to the source folder and schedule a reload from within the Management Console. Otherwise you'll need to schedule the reloads running via QlikView server, again , using the management console.


          You decide whether you are going to provide access to the Governance dashboard via AccessPoint (AccessPoint does not allow data reloads to take place within the application)


          Saving will save the configuration changes made within the governance dashboard, the reload will use the settings to refresh and access related content, using the settings defined when the reload takes place.



          Hope this helps you ?


          Thanks Steve