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    Problems using GetQvObject in extension with straight table.

      I have the following bit of javascript in an extension object. The purpose is to update data structures in the extension object whenever another chart (on the same sheet as the extension object) is altered either by sorting or selection.


      var doOnce=0;

      Qva.AddExtension("myExtension",function() {


           if (doOnce==0) {


                 this.GetQvObject("myStraightTable",function() {

                     var chart = this;

                     // examine chart contents here and set global vars.





      This works... for a little while.. and then things go south with unexpected exceptions, refresh freezes, lost connections, etc.

      I can implement the same code and access an input box without any problems, but when I try to access the straight table, erratic behavior eventually arises.  I don't even have to do anything with the char variable to have problems; simply declaring a handler on a straight table seems to be problematic to the stability of the system.


      I've also tried using:


      Qv.GetCurrentDocument().GetObject("myStraightTable",function() {

           var chart=this;

           // chart processing


      Qva.AddExtension("myExtension",function() {

           // extension processing



      and got the same problems.  Any ideas what's going wrong?