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    Help with grid charts/expression grouping expressions

      So, I have a grid chart, and I want the Y Axis to be a measure value: Sum(Actual Quantity Ordered). From what I can tell, the fact that I have so many possible measure values on my Y Axis is causing my grid chart to spit out tiny circles as data points.


      So I have two questions: is there some setting I can use to make my Y Axis value reflect ranges, instead of exact values?


      If not, I'm assuming I'll need to group my measure values somehow. I'm attempting an IF statement in the expression definition:


      =IF(Sum([Actual Qty Ordered])>40000, '40,000+', IF(Sum([Actual Qty Ordered]))>20000 AND   IF(Sum([Actual Qty Ordered])<=40000, '20,000-40,000', IF(Sum([Actual Qty Ordered]))>10000 AND   IF(Sum([Actual Qty Ordered])<=20000, '10,000-20,000', '0-10,000')


      I'm trying to fit the values into 4 buckets. It's giving me an error, how do I fix it? I'm not familiar enough with syntax.