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    Highlight max value in a pivot Table

    Fabian Heidenstecker

      Hi QlikView Community,


      i have a question how to higlight the max value in a pivot Table with 2 Dimensions.

      How can I highlight the max value per Company, regarding which products they bought?


      I created a file with some sample data.

      The formula works, when I select a certain customer, it will show me the product with the max sales value.


      I used the following formula to highlight the max value

      if(sum(Sales)=max(total aggr(Sum( Sales),Product)),green())


      But if I don't select a company, it doesn't work:


      I did a lot of trial and error with the aggr() function, but adding Company to the aggr function will only lead qlikview to show the highest sales per Customer and Product combined.


      Does anybody have an idea how i can highlight the highest selling product per company in the pivot without having to select anything?


      I also attached the qvw with my sample data.



      Thanks for your help!