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    Qlikview migration (moving from 8.2 to 9.0)

    Rakesh Boorgu

      Hi Qlikers,

      We, finally, are moving v9.0.

      Now, when I'm testing the app - I see that - whenever I used sum(all <field1> <expression>),

      Looks like "ALL" is not being treated as a keyword any longer in v9?

      I know that set-analysis has an equivalent for it - {1} (hopefully I'm not wrong).


      but, does anyone know for sure that we cannot use ALL keyword any longer.

      Also, if some one has the entire change list, which MUST be done in order to migrate to v9,

      Can you please provide that. That will be of a great value to me.


      Thanks in advance.

        • Qlikview migration (moving from 8.2 to 9.0)
          Pablo Robles


          Qlikview 9 don't supports the ALL parameter, officially, but still works correctly.

          If you can't use the sets, use ALL anyway. In fact, when you use this parameter it looks lime a error in red color. Ignore it and use it, but I don't know that will occurs in 10 version. Try it in the beta.

          Good luck


            • Re:Qlikview migration (moving from 8.2 to 9.0)
              John Witherspoon

              The equivalent of ALL would now be {1} TOTAL. But yes, so far as I know, ALL is still unofficially supported. You'll eventually want to get rid of it, though, since it isn't officially supported. It just shouldn't be something you MUST do before migration to 9.0. You should be able to migrate to 9.0, then put this on a list of things to eventually take care of.

              As for why it isn't officially supported, I have no idea. Seems like it would be trivial to just keep supporting it, and saying ALL is simpler than saying {1} TOTAL.