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    Access Point Issue

    sreenu k

      Hi All,


      After implementing section access, when the dashboard is refreshed on server, Its not visible in access point.


      why it's not showing in Access point?

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          Abey Chandy

          Hi Sreeni,


          I suppose you have included your name in the session access list.


          The access point visibility of the document can be controlled by setting the below option:


          Settings -> Document Properties -> Server -> "Filter Access point Document list"


          If you disable this property then the document will be visible on Access point irrespective of your name included in Session access list or not.


          But this option is good to keep if you want users to see only documents for them on the access point.




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            Michael Jordan

            You do not have an entry in Section Access. Post Qlikview 10 Qlikview Server checks if a user has an entry inside the section Access, if the user has an entry then only it is displayed inside the Accesspoint.


            Also if you are using NTFS Security check if you have appropriate Access rights to the folder containing dashboard.

            If you are using DMS then check for an entry in Management services.



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              First of all, can you access the qvw on the desktop version?  If not, it's a SA code issue and you may wish to revisit what your written.


              If it is purely an Accesspoint issue, have you given administrator rights to your system user?  For example, we have the username ZZ_QLIK1 set up to run all of our jobs etc.  You need to allow your system user to have access to the file.


              Try this and let me know how you get on.





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                Wrongly implemented section access