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    Access Point (QV11) doesn't show documents

    Richard Bas



      We did build our own authentication. Through webticket we receive QV ticket and link to the Access Point. Within the Access Point we do see the correct Username logged in, but no documents are shown.


      We do use DMS with DSC ODBC. Within the SQLServer we have users and groups. This part is working, because when i search in the QEMC on the username, i see the group and QV documents the user is allowed to open. So connection between DSC ODBC en Qlikview seems to be ok. Please see attached screenshots.


      When i login with this user, i see the username in top of the Accesspoint screen, but the documents i did see in QEMC aren't shown in the Access point.


      What can be the reason these documents are not displayed?


      Thank you in advance.