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    Error Sap Connection RFC_HANDLE

    Fernando Keuroglian

      Hi, i have a problem with the connection to sap, i used the qvsapconnector 5.7 and 5.8 and the problem persist.


      the problem happend always at the first time, when i try to connect, but if i try in a very short period later it works ok!!


      only fail in the first try to connect, it seems to be like is disconnect to sap and the when fail connect and then let me enter the connection


      i proove add timeoutfecth in the string connection, but nothing, i think there is something in sap, could be? what can i change in sap?


      there is nothing with the user permission because for the second chance work ok!


      please if somedoy can help i will apreciate a lot!!


      thank you!




      ps. Sorry for my English