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    Change field order in Pivot table

    Stefan Fischer

      In a Pivot table there are dimensions and formulas. In the properties of a pivot table dimensions can be order, formulas are following. How can I change the order of dimensions and formulas?


      For example:

      Dimensions: field1, field2, field3

      Formulas: sum1, sum2


      View in Pivot table: field1, field2, field3, sum1, sum2

      New view: field1, field2, sum1, field3, sum2


      Regards Stefan

        • Re: Change field order in Pivot table
          Stefan Wühl

          I don't think it's possible to change the order like that.


          If you want to show soemthing like subtotals or even different sums on different levels of aggregation, you can use partial sums (enable on presentation tab), and maybe dimensionality() function in a conditional to decide which expression to use.