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    Open a ppt file on server by a button with launch action as Admin on the qlikview server



      We have a powerpoint document on the server in the same folder as our qvw, Under qlikview_Docs->users. we have created a button on the qvw with Launch action to open this ppt and gave the link-folder path in the button properties. (\\qliviewserver.xx.com\qliview_docs\users\xcat\help.ppt) User is not able to open this ppt because he cannot access the folder path. Only administrators can open this file path. It errors out when users click on the button. We even tried to give security at this file level - for this ppt. - Even then they are not ablet to get it from the qvw. Is there any option or script which says to open the file as a users - so that we can hardcode admin/pwd in the properties of the button in the QVW.