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    Multiple Totals on Dataset

    Manish Chauhan

      I have a simple Pivot Table Chart with the Dimension as Year, Month and a single Expression of SUM(Monthly Return). I am viewing the pivot with the Year as the rows and the Month as the column and the monthly return as the data item.


      I want to see View MULTIPLE total on the dimension YEAR. So for example: I want to know the Mean and StdDev of returns for each month.


      However I can only seem to able to set ONE total either Mean(Average) or the StdDev, but not both.


      Expression for the TOTAL:


      1. Expression for STDeV

      (Dimensionality()=0 ,Stdev(FS_Fund_1M_Rtn), SUM(FS_Fund_1M_Rtn))



      2. expression for Avg


      (Dimensionality()=0 ,AVG(FS_Fund_1M_Rtn), SUM(FS_Fund_1M_Rtn))



      Is it possible to construct a pivot or a table chart with MULTIPLE TOTALS?