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    Need Answer on Qlikview expressor

      Hi I have a few question on Qlikview expressor. I need answers for it and Thanks in Advance


      • What are the benefits of metadata repository?
      • Components that are required to access deployment package from qlikview application
      • Is Data governance used for reuse of data from single source?
      • Is templates predefined in Qlikview expressor
      • Which is the artifact that creates a form of Meta data repository?
      • What is the tool that is used by qlikview that provide graphically provision data
      • Can qlikview expressor write the qvd files?
      • Is qlikview documents and expressions ‘version controlled’ and ‘can become scattered and redundant’
      • What is the tool used to understand the qlikview customer environment
      • Which is the operator that is used for calculation and business rules in expressor?