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    distribution service

      Through reduce tab  i can reduce the data then i can select the user and send a notification.
      Publisher will handle all those.

      what is the purpose of Distribution Services there is also email option.

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          please help

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              Aadil M

              I believe you are asking what is the use of Email distribution.


              The use is that you can distribute the QVW or PDF via email.

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                  thanks for your .

                  someone told me instead of document cal i can distributr using publisher.

                  we have publisher license.

                  please help me how can i distribute(copy same as static report) to the user.

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                      Aadil M

                      Check on the Qlikview Server Reference Manual (Page 82)


                      An administrator can use QMC to create tasks on source .qvw or .qvd files to accomplish this. At a basic level, the steps are as follows:


                      On the source document (either .qvw or .qvd), apply the data reduction criteria (for example, choose the field name on which to reduce the data).


                      Apply the distribution criteria to the newly created (reduced) files:a. Assign the authorization privileges using either DMS or NTFS ACLs.b. Choose the type of distribution (for example, .qvw files or .pdf report).c. Choose the location for the newly created files.


                      Apply the notification criteria for the completion of the task (for example, e-mail notification)

                      The newly created files only contain the data that the user or group is authorized to see, since the data has been “reduced” from the master document in accordance to the reduction criteria. This is why the process is termed “Static Data Reduction”. Hence, there is no risk of an unauthorized person viewing data, since only authorized data exists in each file.