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    Send mail with attached file (Macro VB)


      I want to send mail from a boutton in QV with attached file. I create a macro but I have an error msg " Un composant ActiveX ne peut pas créer un objet: 'CDO.Message'".!! I use outlook to send mail.


      this is the macro:


      sub Send()

      Set objMessage = CreateObject("CDO.Message")

      set objConf = CreateObject("CDO.Configuration")


      objMessage.Subject = "Tester l'envoi    "

      objMessage.From = "admin@adress.com"

      objMessage.To = "myadress@me.com"

      objMessage.TextBody = "This is a test message text."



      '==This section provides the configuration information for the remote SMTP server.

      '==Normally you will only change the server name or IP.

      objMessage.Configuration.Fields.Item _

      ("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/sendusing") = 2


      'Name or IP of Remote SMTP Server

      objMessage.Configuration.Fields.Item _

      ("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/smtpserver") = "smtp.me.com"


      'Server port (typically 25)

      objMessage.Configuration.Fields.Item _

      ("http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/smtpserverport") = 25




      '==End remote SMTP server configuration section==



      end sub