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    Recall previous calculation in Straight Table



      I am making a strainght table which needs to recall previous result in a particular row above if there is any. (The expected result is shown in below example) The Order Count summation is grouped by the 3 dimensions, 'Month', 'Group' and 'Supplier'.


      MonthGroupSupplierOrder CountOrder Count (Previous Year)
      Jan-2012MenswearABC Co.Ltd.10-
      Mar-2012MenswearABC Co.Ltd.11-
      Jan-2012MenswearDEF Co.Ltd.12-
      Jan-2013MenswearABC Co.Ltd.2010
      Apr-2013MenswearABC Co.Ltd.21-
      Jan-2013MenswearDEF Co.Ltd.2212


      The Row number interval may not be the same in different combinations, I can't work it out by above function.


      Can you please kindly advise is there any way to get this achieved?