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    Error on Reload Engine

      Hi There,


      I have just set up Qlikview Server, I loaded QV desktop on the server to test reloads of the models from the server etc. When refreshing from Desktop on the New Server there are no errors and reload runs smoothly, as soon as i create a task for this model and try to set it to refresh every Hour it gives me an error, i had a look at the log file and got this:


      13/10/01:       Reload Executed By SV-QLIK2\administrator

      13/10/01:       Process Executing: QVB

      13/10/01:       Process ID: 12164

      13/10/01: 0002  SET ThousandSep=','

      13/10/01: 0003  SET DecimalSep='.'

      13/10/01: 0004  SET MoneyThousandSep=','

      13/10/01: 0005  SET MoneyDecimalSep=','

      13/10/01: 0006  SET MoneyFormat='R #,##0,00;R-#,##0,00'

      13/10/01: 0007  SET TimeFormat='hh:mm:ss'

      13/10/01: 0008  SET DateFormat='YY/MM/DD'

      13/10/01: 0009  SET TimestampFormat='YY/MM/DD'

      13/10/01: 0010  SET MonthNames='Jan;Feb;Mar;Apr;May;Jun;Jul;Aug;Sep;Oct;Nov;Dec'

      13/10/01: 0011  SET DayNames='Mon;Tue;Wed;Thu;Fri;Sat;Sun'

      13/10/01: 0013  directory D:\QlikView\QVData\PSP

      13/10/01: 0063  ODBC CONNECT*

      13/10/01:       Error: SQL##f - SqlState: 28000, ErrorCode: 18452, ErrorMsg: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication.

      13/10/01:       General Script Error

      13/10/01:       Execution Failed

      13/10/01:      Execution finished.


      Please advise, help is much appreciated.



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          Obviously an error with the connection.  Are you running this fine on your machine?  This will be because you have the driver and authenication set up on your machine.  You need to replicate this on the server itself - i.e. it looks like you need to install the driver on the Server.  .


          Hopefully that will get you up and running.



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            Bill Britt

            This is an issue with connectivity and ODBC. If you google the error you will find things to check on the SQL side.



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              Pradip Sen



              It shows that the error is generated due to ODBC connection. First you create a DSN and then go for the reload schedule. Hope it will help.


              Best regards.

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                Peter Cammaert

                From the error message, I get that SQL Server is refusing your login attempt (no problem with ODBC here) because the domain from which you try to login is not trusted. SQL Server is probably configured to use Windows authentication instead of SQL Server authentication. This means that SQL server uses sort of SSO to let you in.


                When you do a desktop reload on the server, you're probably logged in into the same Windows domain (or at least a trusted one) as the SQL server, but QVS isn't. Have the QlikView services been configured to run under a local (e.g. machine) account?


                Just a guess.



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                  Sanchayan Bhowmik

                  Hi Richard,


                  As Peter pointed out that correctly may be the issue. So do one thing :


                  • Make sure DSN to the DB is created in your server performing the reload
                  • The credentials used in the DSN must be the one which is used to run the qlikview services.
                  • On the server open a new qlikview document and try to Connect to the SQL DB using ODBC connection. (obviously use the same credentials which is used in the DSN to connect to the SQL DB i.e. the one which is running the qlikview services).
                  • If the connection is successful, then copy this Connection string into the qlikview document where you are getting the error and this time I am sure it will connect.
                  • If the connection is unsuccessful then make sure that the qlikview service account has authentication to connect to the SQL DB.