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    Assistance with Created vs Closed or OPened vs Resolved line chart



      My users want me to create this chart in QlikView.    Sample of the chart from the Atlassian website


      Each record in my DB has a create date field and resolve date field, and the chart has a line for each count.  So the red line is count of records opened on [date] and the green line is count of records resolved on that same date.


      The problem I'm having is getting the x-axis dates to match up with both fields.


      In the charts I'm creating I've been getting the X-axis date from the create date field, so the create count is ok, but I can't get the resolve count to work for that date.  I


      I can explain further or create some mock up data - unless does anyone know whether this been done before (just based on the chart example at the link)?


      Thanks very much,

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          Manas BN



          You need to create a table with both create date and closed date as a single date. You can have an Event field which will tell you if it's closed or open.


          Below is an example:

          // Raw table


          Load * inline [




          3, 3/1/2013,3/2/2013


          5, 4/1/2013,



          // Create a new table for Open dates


          Load ID,

          // Start Date and End Date both correspond to single column (Date)

          StartDate as Date, 'Open' as Event, 1 as Open_Flag

          Resident Temp;


          // Concatenate Closed Date info


          Load ID, EndDate as Date, 'Closed' as Event,

          // If EndDate is blank, Closed Flag = 0

          if(trim(EndDate)='',0,1) as Closed_Flag

          Resident Temp;


          // Clean up

          drop table Temp;




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            When loading data from DB, create a fact table in the format as below. Load the records with create date first. Then concatenate records with resolved date into the same FACT table. Now Date column in FACT table will have both Create Date and Resolved Date



            Date          Status

            29/03/13     Create

            30/03/13     Resolved


            In your chart, use the Date Field for x-Axis and count of Status for y Axis. Create separate expressions for different status that you need

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              Thanks all - this worked to get the basic info down, which the user approved.


              Two things are still short, though.

              1.  Is there any way to color the space between the lines as red or green, based on which value is higher?  this would go back and forth as more issues are created than closed and vice versa.  (I can't create this in excel either.)


              2. The sample chart has a value point for every date. so there could be a long string of dates where the data does not change (for example, a week of not creating any new issues), and the line is flat.  the QV line has only a sloping line even though I have the continuous x-axis selected.  I imagine I need to have a date record with zero issues.  I've attached a spreadsheet with that example.


              The current chart is good and thanks for everyone's help.  I was just wondering if I can get these last two things.