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    Problem with supporting task and a .bat file

    Cecilia Caporaso

      I need to reload a .qvw file permanently between a time range (from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM). In order to do so, I've created this solution:


      1) Define a task (let's call A) with "on External program" (On EDX) kind of trigger.


      2) Define a supporting task (let's call B) that executes a .bat file and it is triggered on success of task A.


      3) That .bat file calls again task A, previously checking if it is OK to launch the task due to time restrictions.


      And tested:


      1. I manually ran task A,
      2. After A finished, task B was launched,
      3. A was once again triggered (automatically, by the .bat)
      4. By the time A ended (its second execution), B was still running, so it was not invoked and the cycle stopped.


      In fact, execution time for A was 1 second, and execution time for B was more than a minute. I attach both log files.


      ¿Is there any limitation with .bat files and supporting tasks? ¿Any ideas?