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    Session Expiration Detection from within Extensions

      I have a question about detecting from within an extension whether the QV session was still valid. We've had some QA reports that leaving the window open for a long period of time, coming back to it, and clicking in just the extensions area of the screen, they could still use the extension. As soon as they clicked outside of the extension, they were informed that their session had expired and kicked out of the document.


      As we investigated the problem it began to seem that there's 2 different sessions being maintained in the QV web environment. A session for QV Server and a session for IIS. It's not clear to us but perhaps the QV session is timed out, but the IIS session is not. That would explain why our extensions are able to use the IIS based web services after a long time idling. So, as an aside, I'd like to understand the nature of the session state in QV and IIS. Perhaps it will help me in the future.


      The primary question for this issue, however, is: what are the best practices to ensure that our extensions respect the QV session timeout? I've been told by QV staff that QV R&D has told him there's a way to check the session state via an ajax call, but he hasn't been successful in finding out how that's done from within an object or document extension. Any illumination that anyone can provide on that detection procedure would be greatly appreciated.