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    How to read Z-FIELDS by using QV SAP Connector?

    Rubens Rodrigues

      Hello folks,


      Do you know if there is any limitation to read SAP Z-Fields by using QV SAP Connector?




      I'm trying to load the following SAP table:


      - Table Structure:


      Filed1 (INT)

      Field2 (Char)

      .APPEND (STRU) - This is a SAP APPEND Structure for Z-Fields

      Z-Field (Char)


      - Qlikview SAP Script builder brings only standard fields, thus resulting in the following script:



      Field1, Field 2;


      - I forced Qlikview to read the Z-Field in script:



      Field1, Z-Field;


      PS: Qlikview could load the data but it messed up some information.


      Have you faced any similar situation by using SAP Connector?


      Tks in advance.


      Rubens Rodrigues