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    PowerTools 1.1 - qv-user-manager not working

    Christian Sellei

      HI all,


      I'm trying to get CAL list using qv-user-manager console:


      qv-user-manager --list=CAL


      I'm getting following error:


      X:\APPS_PUB\SERVIDOR\Qv User Manager 11>qv-user-manager.exe --list=CAL

      An error occurred creating the configuration section handler for system.serviceM

      odel/behaviors: Attempt by method 'System.ServiceModel.Configuration.ServiceMode

      lExtensionCollectionElement`1<System.__Canon>.CreateNewSection(System.String)' t

      o access method 'qv_user_manager.ServiceKeyBehaviorExtensionElement..ctor()' fai

      led. (X:\APPS_PUB\SERVIDOR\Qv User Manager 11\qv-user-manager.exe.Config line 9)


      I added connection user into QlikVIew Management API local group within QMC server.

      I also change .NET version referenced into config file:


      Change     <supportedRuntime version="v2.0.50727" sku="Client"/>

      To:             <supportedRuntime version="v4.0.30319" sku="Client"/>


      but i'm getting same error.


      Any ideas?


      Best regards.